Youth and Militarism Conference- April 24-26

Education and Outreach Committee of CYM is hosting a conference entitled Youth and Militarism from April 24-26, 2015, for youth aged 15-35. The conference will be held concurrently in two locations: in Peterborough, ON, hosted by Peterborough Friends Meeting, and in Shawnigan Lake, BC, at OUR Ecovillage on Vancouver Island. The two conferences will share information, discussions, updates through social media. Some lectures will be broadcast live from one conference to the other.

Youth in Canada, and particularly young people of faith, are increasingly concerned about militarism in our society and how it affects them. The Youth and Militarism Conference hopes to bring together dedicated and interested youth to discuss and learn about militarism in Canada, to gather wisdom from one another, and to build a common and effective voice to create change.

The conference will provide workshops and lectures to Canadian youth, covering various topics at the Eastern Conference such as: Christian Peacemaker teams, peacebuilding opportunities and skills, community action and event planning, surveillance, the criminalization of dissent, the militarization of police, the military in Canadian universities and schools, ties between food systems and war, food as a form of resistance, and at the Western Conference: restorative justice, nonviolent communication, countering militarism by cultivating peace, the history of peace movements in Canada, and more!

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