Call for Sporadical Submissions

The next issue of Sporadical (Young Friends’ newsletter/publication/e-zine) is getting underway, and the coordinators need content relating to militarism in Canada. Sporadical is produced by Young Friends, so get involved! (No prior experience necessary.)

Over the past decade militarism has been making its mark on the Canadian milieu. There has been a significant increase to our military budget.  This has lead to a heightened presence in our academic and cultural setting and significantly altered our international relationships.

What does this mean to Quaker Young Friends and Young Adult Friends?

This issue of Sporadical is hosted by Education and Outreach committee in preparation for a conference next April, 2015 addressing Young Friends’ approach to Youth and Militarization in Canada. YFs and YAFs, please send in your submissions of writing (e.g. poems, short stories, scripts, lyrics), art (e.g. drawings, doodles, comics, paintings), or electronic media (e.g. videos, audio recordings, vlogs).

All submissions should be  before August 31st. Matthew is a YA Friend who grew up in the Coldstream Meeting near London, Ontario. He has recently become a member on the Education and Outreach Committee along with Jessica Klaassen-Wright, a YAF who spent part of her childhood in Toronto MM and now attends Saskatoon MM. Matthew and Jessica are developing ways in which Quaker Youth can be more engaged and active throughout Canada.

For further information on this topic see What We Talk About When We Talk About War by Noah Richler and Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety by Jamie Swift and Ian McKay. These books both provide stirring insight in the direction of our national narrative. Also, please feel free to contact Matthew with any further questions you might have on this up-coming issue of Sporadical or the Youth and Militarism conference next April.

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