CYM and Youth Challenge Funding Updates

Hi folks, 

The Youth CYM Youth Challenge 2013 claim form is now available!

If you’ve been granted Youth Challenge Funding, you can move the process forward by filling out the form and submitting it to the CYM office (address included).  You can use the form to:

  • Apply your funding to the cost of registration, accommodation, and food at CYM
  • Get reimbursed for CYM fees that you’ve already paid
  • Get reimbursed for travel (with receipts, boarding passes, etc.) 

The CYM office would really appreciate having these as soon as possible.  It will make Kerry and Elaine’s work administering the Youth Challenge way easier, and they have already done a lot to help make this all possible!

If you’ve already registered for CYM: please submit a Youth Challenge form ASAP if you want to use your funding to pay for you CYM programme, food, or lodging fees.

If you haven’t registered for CYM: please send the Youth Challenge form with your CYM registration.

We’re accepting claims until October 31st 2013.  You can make more than one claim if you plan to use part of your funding before CYM and part of it (e.g. your travel expenses) afterwards.

Also, don’t forget you still need to register for CYM.  You can find information and print the registration form here.  They need your registration by the end of July (at the ABSOLUTE LATEST).

See you all in August!

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