A Consultation for YAFs on Cross-branch Inter-visitation

November 5-7, Richmond, IN

Are you interested in deepening relationships with Friends in other yearly meetings?

You are invited to a consultation for young adult Friends to discern how to create an inter-visitation program for YAFs across branches and between yearly meetings.

Spirit is moving among Friends across the branches of Quakerism! Since the World Gathering in 2005, young adult Friends (YAFs) in the U.S. and Canada have gathered for conferences to answer the call of Spirit. There is a momentum to come together to connect with that of God and the Light of Christ in our Quaker brothers and sisters, to explore how to live faithful lives, and to revitalize the Religious Society of Friends.

We gathered away from our home meetings and churches for these conferences, and now we want to integrate these experiences into our own faith communities. One way to do this is by welcoming Friends into our home communities and visiting them in theirs.

Our hope is that this consultation will be a place for Friends to explore what a YAF cross-branch inter-visitation program might look like.

What is radical hospitality?

What does it mean to welcome a visiting Friend into our own faith communities?

What does it mean to be a visiting Friend in a new Quaker community?

How can we open our hearts in the spirit of love and hospitality?