Tell us about your Youth Challenge experience – evaluation form now online!

So you’re back home after CYM, trying to adjust to life that isn’t constantly surrounded by Friends… which makes it the perfect time to fill out the Youth Challenge evaluation and tell us all about your experience here.

Your responses will help us design even stronger programming for next year’s CYM, report back to the Trustees who authorized the $25,000 in funding to support YF and YAF attendance, and support future funding applications for travel assistance, etc. if need be.

We really appreciate you taking the time to send us your thoughts! We know there are a whole bunch of questions… but this was an experimental year in several ways, and we really need your detailed feedback to make CYM even more amazing next year. Please make your answers as short or long as you feel led!

Here’s the link again:

– Love from your CYFYM Clerks, your former Youth Secretary, your Youth Programme team, and the CYM Programme Committee

CYM Youth Challenge Funding Application


The second deadline has been extended to June 8th, 2013, so be sure to get your application in!



1st Deadline: March 15th, 2013
2nd Deadline: June 1st, 2013  June 8th 2013

 Under 35? Get yourself to CYM this summer and be part of the 2013 Youth Challenge!

Last summer, Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting received $25,000 to bring together at least 50 Young Friends and Young Adult Friends at CYM 2013. We know that funding can be a major barrier to attending and we’re incredibly excited to be able to help YFs and YAFs come together from across the country in Kemptville, ON this August 16th-24th.

Young Friends are typically defined as being at least 12 or 13, but the Youth Challenge may be able to fund younger Friends as well, particularly if they are the children of Young Adult Friends also attending CYM. All applicants should write their own applications.

Why two rounds of funding?

The hope is that we can help people plan well in advance or pull their plans together after summer employment plans are confirmed–please apply for the March deadline if you already know what your summer looks like!

Apply online now

Or download the form: CYM Youth Challenge Funding Application

Please complete this application online or download the form above and email your answers to Young Adult Friend Clerk Maggie Knight at . Feel free to email aic


UPDATE: Forms for CYM are now available. Of particular interest is the registration form, which has information on the costs of accommodation/meals/registration fees, so that you figure out how much support you’ll need to apply for.

A Consultation for YAFs on Cross-branch Inter-visitation

November 5-7, Richmond, IN

Are you interested in deepening relationships with Friends in other yearly meetings?

You are invited to a consultation for young adult Friends to discern how to create an inter-visitation program for YAFs across branches and between yearly meetings.

Spirit is moving among Friends across the branches of Quakerism! Since the World Gathering in 2005, young adult Friends (YAFs) in the U.S. and Canada have gathered for conferences to answer the call of Spirit. There is a momentum to come together to connect with that of God and the Light of Christ in our Quaker brothers and sisters, to explore how to live faithful lives, and to revitalize the Religious Society of Friends.

We gathered away from our home meetings and churches for these conferences, and now we want to integrate these experiences into our own faith communities. One way to do this is by welcoming Friends into our home communities and visiting them in theirs.

Our hope is that this consultation will be a place for Friends to explore what a YAF cross-branch inter-visitation program might look like.

What is radical hospitality?

What does it mean to welcome a visiting Friend into our own faith communities?

What does it mean to be a visiting Friend in a new Quaker community?

How can we open our hearts in the spirit of love and hospitality?