Latest Pendle Hill Conference

Hi Friends!

The latest edition of Pendle Hill’s summer program is now being advertised. Check out the description below, and if it sounds like something that would interest you, we’ll put you in touch with the folks who can get you there.


Young Adult Friends Conference

Continuing Revolution:

A Young Adult Friends Conference on Community

June 6 – 11, 2014 at Pendle Hill

The 2014 program for Pendle Hill’s summer YAF Conference is officially available! Thanks to QEW’s support, this year’s conference is shaping up to be better than ever before. Steve Chase will be talking about Transition Towns, we’ll have facilitators from Training for Change, Theater of the Oppressed, the Mural Arts Program, Quaker Voluntary Service, Movement for a New Society, the American Friends Service Committee, Healing and Rebuilding our Communities, and more! Please tell the young adults in your community about this opportunity, as each year is building on the momentum of the year before and we are already over half-enrolled with only space for 45 participants. With QEW behind us, we’re building a network of young adult Quaker change agents!
scholarship assistance – see

Donations in Memory of Isaac Miller

Hello Friends,

A message from Ellen Helmuth after New Brunswick Monthly Meeting’s meeting for worship for  business: some interest was expressed in making donations in memory of Isaac Miller, the Young Friend who passed away suddenly earlier this year.  A few options were put forwards:

  • NBMM is setting up the “Isaac Miller Memorial Fund”, which will support Quaker Youth and Quaker Youth Activities. They can accept cheques made out to “NBMM” (with a note specifying that it’s for the Memorial Fund) and sent to their Treasurer Lesley Read (contact the webminder for her address). Tax deductible receipts are available.

Isaac was an avid fan of skateboarding and film-making; a pair of local non-profits were suggested as well.

  • Skateboard Fredericton, Inc.
    520 Queen St.
    Fredericton, NB
    E3B 1B9
  • New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative
    Charlotte St. Arts Centre
    P.O. Box 1537
    Fredericton, NB
    E3B 4Y1

CYFYM 2013 Minutes

The compiled minutes from CYFYM Meeting for Worship for Business are now available over at the business section of if you need the password.

To find the document, head over to, enter the password, and click through the Young Friends Yearly Meeting section.  


We’re working diligently to get past years docs up here as well.

Don’t forget: Youth Challenge reimbursement forms due by October 31st!

Hello Friends!

You’re home from CYM, getting back to normal life… but wait, there’s still a CYM-shaped hole in your pocket? And you know you got Youth Challenge funding? Well, that must mean you need to claim your reimbursement.

Here’s how:

1. Download this form: CYM Youth Challenge 2013 – claim form – FINAL

2. Follow the instructions – ignore the pieces about sending it in with your registration form at this stage, obviously. If you have any trouble, get in touch with Maggie at

3. Mail your form on in to the CYM office. Or, if a fast turn-around is really important, email it in. The mailing address and the email address are on the form. Continue reading “Don’t forget: Youth Challenge reimbursement forms due by October 31st!”

Tell us about your Youth Challenge experience – evaluation form now online!

So you’re back home after CYM, trying to adjust to life that isn’t constantly surrounded by Friends… which makes it the perfect time to fill out the Youth Challenge evaluation and tell us all about your experience here.

Your responses will help us design even stronger programming for next year’s CYM, report back to the Trustees who authorized the $25,000 in funding to support YF and YAF attendance, and support future funding applications for travel assistance, etc. if need be.

We really appreciate you taking the time to send us your thoughts! We know there are a whole bunch of questions… but this was an experimental year in several ways, and we really need your detailed feedback to make CYM even more amazing next year. Please make your answers as short or long as you feel led!

Here’s the link again:

– Love from your CYFYM Clerks, your former Youth Secretary, your Youth Programme team, and the CYM Programme Committee

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting 2013 Epistle

“I saw there was an Ocean of darkness and Death, but an infinite Ocean of Light and Love which flowed over the Ocean of Darkness.”
– George Fox

This year’s Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting was significantly aided by Canadian Yearly Meeting’s generous funding to help Young Friends get to Kemptville for the Youth Challenge. The week was both intensely rewarding and difficult.

Friends of all ages started arriving in Kemptville, Ontario on Friday. There was an inter-generational mixer on Saturday evening. Sunday started with a welcoming meeting for worship for business, and we spent most of the day getting to know each other. Caroline Balderston Parry gave the annual Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture in the evening. We appreciated the interactive elements of the speech. Her ministries provided guidance through some of the difficulties over the week as we dealt with being in the “I don’t know” place.

Family Night. Photo credit: Bruce Dienes.

Monday through Friday, there was a variety of programming for Young Friends and Young Adult Friends. Rick Townsend ran the teen programme in the afternoons. We appreciate Rick’s help and his awesome beard and apologize for dropping him in a trust exercise. YFs and YAFs were brought together in morning workshops. On Monday and Tuesday, Evalyn Parry ran a well-attended and well-received songwriting workshop on responding creatively to outrage. We wrote songs on everything from a lack of skate parks to gender roles. Thursday and Friday, Janet Ross ran a workshop on privilege and power. On all four days, a workshop on communication was given by Tony and Fran McQuail. Those of us who attended learned about reflective listening, conflict resolution, and firm but loving looks.

After the morning programming, many YFs and YAFs attended Ben Pink Dandelion’s Quaker Study sessions. We are so glad that they were scheduled later in the day than usual. It was great to learn about Quaker history, faith and practice in a way that was accessible to us. Afternoons consisted of Special Interest Groups and Special Action Groups, the most popular being the SIG for Sloth, which was much needed.

Photo credit: Bruce Diennes.
Photo credit: Bruce Dienes.

On Monday evening, there was an LGBTQ2A panel and discussion. We talked about generational differences in perceptions around and attitudes towards sexuality. This event was followed by our first Meeting for Worship for Business which was hard for everyone as we heard the Youth Secretary’s final report. We were up until 2 in the morning sharing intense feelings of anger, sadness, confusion, but mostly love. Katrina McQuail was deeply missed.

Tuesday evening consisted of a huge inter-generational frisbee game followed by Games Night.

On Wednesday, the regular youth programme was interrupted to let us attend CYM M4W4B as the Youth Secretary report was read. We spent the afternoon giving back to the Kemptville community by volunteering at the youth center. We were so productive–we even accidentally did some work for the neighbours! We had a complicated simple meal which was much more satisfying than any of the simple complicated meals we had become accustomed to. At that night’s Meeting for Worship for Business, we invited more seasoned Friends to come hold us in the Light. Grayden Laing and Stephen Robins attended Yearly Meeting Ministry & Counsel as CYFYM representatives. We finished on time (a record!) which meant we could have a dance party followed by a late night dip.

Thursday afternoon, Deborah Fisch clerked a Meeting for Worship Sharing set up by Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel in regard to the Youth Secretary’s report. Many of us attended and were thankful for the caring way in which Deborah facilitated emotional sharing that lead us to a greater understanding and acceptance of what Katrina had written in her report to us. After supper, there was singing in the laundry room, and our penultimate M4W4B. We finished the evening with a riveting game of wink.

Family Night. Photo credit: Bruce Diennes.
Family Night. Photo credit: Bruce Dienes.

Friday was very relaxed. We continued with the programming, then had a final meeting for business with spillover from the night before. After business meeting, Ben Pink Dandelion joined us for an intimate discussion where we were encouraged to ‘ask a Quaker anything’. Family Night was a fitting end to the week with many members of the community participating in balancing as well as sharing music and poetry. The rest of the night was filled with revelry and songs, enjoying each others’ company. We watched movies as we had no-one to read us bedtime stories.

Saturday morning’s exhaustion was balanced by the exhilaration of epistle writing. We would like to thank everyone for upholding us this week in times both joyous and trying. We all feel truly blessed to have been a part of this CYM. 

Stephen Robins, Misia Robins, Christopher Abbott, Lucy Miller and Jesse Zavitz served as the 2013 CYFYM Epistle Committee.

CYFYM 2013 Draft Meeting for Worship for Business Agenda

CYM 2013 is underway in Kemptville and we now have our very own draft agenda!  


You can email and additions/comments/concerns to



It’s not CYM without tents 🙂 

Going to CYM? Be prepared!

Once you’ve double checked your travel plans and stocked up on bug spray, you should make sure you’ve looked at a copy of the Documents in Advance for CYM.  It’s a bit of a hassle to get at them, but that’s where all of the important things that will be discussed in business meeting are laid out, so if you’re interested it’s probably worth your time.  You’ll need to 

  • Head over to
  • Click through to the Business section (the giant button top-right, where we hide all the potentially sensitive things that we don’t want to post publicly).  You might have the password, or you can get it from .
  • Find the Documents in Advance in the CYM Minutes (under Current Business).

Once you’ve done all that you can grab the PDF for perusal at your leisure.

CYM and Youth Challenge Funding Updates

Hi folks, 

The Youth CYM Youth Challenge 2013 claim form is now available!

If you’ve been granted Youth Challenge Funding, you can move the process forward by filling out the form and submitting it to the CYM office (address included).  You can use the form to:

  • Apply your funding to the cost of registration, accommodation, and food at CYM
  • Get reimbursed for CYM fees that you’ve already paid
  • Get reimbursed for travel (with receipts, boarding passes, etc.) 

The CYM office would really appreciate having these as soon as possible.  It will make Kerry and Elaine’s work administering the Youth Challenge way easier, and they have already done a lot to help make this all possible!

If you’ve already registered for CYM: please submit a Youth Challenge form ASAP if you want to use your funding to pay for you CYM programme, food, or lodging fees.

If you haven’t registered for CYM: please send the Youth Challenge form with your CYM registration.

We’re accepting claims until October 31st 2013.  You can make more than one claim if you plan to use part of your funding before CYM and part of it (e.g. your travel expenses) afterwards.

Also, don’t forget you still need to register for CYM.  You can find information and print the registration form here.  They need your registration by the end of July (at the ABSOLUTE LATEST).

See you all in August!

CYM Youth Challenge Application Deadline Extended

The second deadline for the CYM Youth Challenge funding application was yesterday, but since we had some technical difficulties getting the reminder email out we’re accepting applications until Saturday, June 8th.  If the deadline slipped your mind, this is your reminder: submit that application!